About Us

Earthborn organic landscaping products deliver AutraliaOur family business has been involved in commercial green waste recycling, right from its inception in Australia. 
Our founder played an integral part in the design and manufacture of customised machinery, along with the conversion of European machinery to handle rugged Australian Hardwoods in order to process it as a raw material. This thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the industry and the required processes gave us the ideal platform to forge decades of experience that continues to keep us at the forefront of landfill diversion.

We are committed to providing various growers and landscaping markets with sustainable products by adhering to the principles of best practice environmental performance across our bulk provision, landfill diversion and soil manufacturing operations. We are on a mission to change the definition of the word ‘waste’ by working closely with local businesses to spread our message throughout the region.

We take great pride in our contribution to the ongoing responsible management of resources through resource recovery, recycling and environmentally sound practices, adhering to tight Industry and Australian standards. Our intention is to close the loop between recycling and manufacturing.

Our Customers

We have two main streams of customers; those that purchase our end products (organic landscaping supplies), and those that we provide with a location to dispose of organic wastes.

Who uses our end products?

  • Landscape contractors
  • Landscape supply yards and garden centres
  • Farmers
  • Growers, Nurserymen
  • Major retailers.

Who uses our Waste Disposal service?

  • Waste companies - for both solid and liquid waste disposal
  • Transport/Haulage companies - for disposal of surplus raw organic materials
  • Property developers - for disposal of both solid and liquid waste, and raw materials – as well as for purchase of end products
  • Arborists, tree loppers, gardeners and handymen - for the disposal of vegetation and green waste.

Our Sunshine Coast plant also provides the ideal depot for projects needing a facility to receive unwanted clean fill.

Earthborn Sunshine Coast Plant