Earthborn Stamp of Approval

All products that become part of the Earthborn line go through an extensive research& design process.
Before getting our internal Stamp of Approval,
all mixes specialty and standard alike, are tested to
relevant Industry and Australian standards and must
prove their strength against the following criteria;
Earthborn stamp of approval

Organic Content

Correct levels insure; Nutrition for plant growth.
Micro biotic organism activity.
Assists with moisture retention & erosion control
as well as providing structure & aeration.

Water Wise

Wettability and Permeability
qualities affect the ability to
retain and transmit water.

pH Controlled

Controlling chemical
characteristics such as pH ensures
the availability of nutrients

Structure & Particle Size

Air filled porosity& compaction
rates are controlled by correct
particle size ratios. This allows for
optimum root formation

Bulk Density (Weight)

Mass-to-volume ratios are an imperative
part of mix design, ensuring the correct
density for end application.