Sandy Top Dress

This specially designed, sand-based-soil encourages grass to spread by giving it an ideal medium to grow and expand in. The Earthborn Sandy Top Dress will restore natural soil levels, which helps to keep the ground even, fill bare, patchy areas and also repair thin or uneven turf. Our Sandy Top Dress also replenishes nutrients that may have leached out as a result of erosion from heavy or ongoing rain, repeated foot traffic and/or a lack of maintenance. However, deeper holes and divets present in turf may need to be filled in more gradually with a few top dress applications over time for best results.

Earthborn’s Sandy Top Dress if a finely screened, sand-rich medium that allows free flowing drainage and improves drought and cold resistance in lawns. All grass needs a healthy base to grow from, as well as ongoing access to essential minerals to ensure good body and colour - and this soil provides just that!

Here at Earthborn, we have access to many types of site soils, with varying ratios of clay and silt, giving us the ability to hand pick the most beneficial base for our Top Dress.