Earthborn Extreme Compost

This organic compost is a premium grade, enriched compost which is loaded with organic material to rejuvenate and add nutrients to damaged soils. This product can be mixed through and blended with existing soils as an additive to rebalance and correct damage. It also acts as an all-natural and organic fertiliser, containing essential nutrients for vigorous plant growth.

Over time, soils can become depleted and exhausted of minerals and nutrients. If these are not present in the soil, plant life has little to absorb and growth becomes stunted and eventually impossible. Whilst these elements have the potential to be replenished from natural sources such as flora and fauna life cycles, sometimes it is also necessary to value add to the soil via additional compost product.

Earthborn’s Extreme Compost is an organically recycled medium that has been through a 12 to 16 week composting cycle and sieved through a minus 25mm screen to ensure a controlled release of nutrients.