Mulch & Bark

Mulch is a material that is spread over the ground to enrich or insulate the soil. It is an organic matter that is used as a barrier between the atmosphere and the soil to conserve moisture, regulate temperatures and reduce weed growth.

Mulch can come in many different  forms; ground, chipped or shredded for example, and is most commonly comprised of bark or recycled green waste.  

Earthborn mulches come in different grades, including fine, medium and coarse – each serving a different purpose.

At Earthborn, we source second generation, recycled organics from industries aligned with our own to make our fresh, natural and sustainable mulch and bark ensuring the very best quality for your landscaping and gardening. 

We have a large range of mulches and barks, all of which have been given the Earthborn ‘Stamp of Approval’. All of our mixes, including mulches, bark, soils, compost and potting mix - both specialty and standard - are tested to relevant industry and Australian standards and must prove their strength against five key criteria.

Organic Recycling Products - Mulch & Bark