Organic and Biological Fertiliser

Earthborn's ‘Living Balance’ Product Range Coming Soon!

Introducing Living Balance, a mineral balanced soil, compost and potting mix.

Living Balance has a full compliment of major & minor nutrients. It contains luxury levels of trace elements.
It is a fine, dark, humus-rich growing media with perfect crumb formation - The holy grail of soil structure.

Earthborn’s Living Balance is an all natural, biological fertiliser that is inoculated with beneficial bacteria, fungi & protoza,
all with the intention of giving growers the following benefits:

  • Increase the plants ability to uptake nutrients & water
  • Fix nitrogen from the atmosphere

  • Increase drought tolerance

  • Boost plant immunity & natural defence mechanisms

  • Reduce reliance on fertilisers

  • Reduce pesticide reliance

  • Produce plant-growth hormones & amino acids

Living Balance - Coming Soon!


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