Potting Mix

Potting mix plays a crucial role in strong, healthy plant growth. There are different potting mixes to suit different purposes, including different plant types and indoor or outdoor pot plants.  Potting mix has several jobs; it helps to keep the plant in place while it grows, it  holds the water for the roots to soak up (while also improving drainage) and it contains nutrients to feed and fertilize the plant.

Potting mix has many different components and there are a range of different mixes. At Earthborn, we keep things simple by stocking two ready-made blends; a regular grade (our Mac 50) and a superior version (our Mac 100). We also offer custom mixes for growers who  have more specific needs and for those who need to keep a tighter control on fraction sizes.

All of our potting mixes have been given the Earthborn ‘Stamp of Approval’, and  all of our mixes, including potting mix, mulches, bark, soils and compost - both specialty and standard - are tested to relevant industry and Australian standards and must prove their  strength against five key criteria.