Soils & Compost

Soil is made up of nutrients, minerals, water, and organic matter. It covers the surface of the earth and plays a vital role in nourishing our ecosystem. Soil has many purposes and can be used in a variety of different ways, across a variety of different industries, including, most commonly, landscaping, agriculture, building and domestic home use.

Compost also plays an important role in nourishing the environment as it boosts and plant health and improves the resilience and productivity of farming and large scale growing systems. Compost helps to build and maintain healthy soils it also serves to help plant life the nutrients found in soil.

All of the different types of soils and composts we make and stock at Earthborn have one thing in common; they all have the Earthborn ‘Stamp of Approval’. We are very strict in assuring that all soils and composts that pass through our doors are of the highest quality. 

All of our mixes, including soils, compost, mulches, bark and potting mix - both specialty and standard - are tested to relevant industry and Australian standards and must prove their strength against five key criteria.

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